Galentine's Day Celebrations - A Great Way to Celebrate the Women In Your Life

Galentine's Day Celebrations - A Great Way to Celebrate the Women In Your Life

We're all familiar with what February 14th is - Valentine's Day. But what about February 13th - the day before? I imagine many of you are familiar with what we now call Galentine's Day, or maybe you aren't. Galentine's Day is a holiday that is less than a decade old but already feels rich in tradition. It's not just another "Hallmark Holiday." Galentine's Day celebrations are a great way to celebrate all the fantastic women in your life - it is truly a day of "ladies celebrating ladies."

The Start of Galentine's Day - "Ladies Celebrating Ladies"

Even if you know what Galentine's Day is and what it's all about, you may not know where it started. I know I wasn't. I had no idea it originated from a television show. The television show Parks & Recreation aired from 2009-2015, and in Season 2, Episode 16, the character Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler) explains that Galentine's Day is "only the best day of the year." It's a day where you leave the guys behind at home and celebrate with the ladies. 

Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate the women in your life and all of them, from your mom to your sisters to your best friends. It is a day all about celebrating the fierce and strong bonds of sisterhood. It is a special day to honor all the amazing women in your lives, even yourself. It's also a day for every one of the ladies in your life, regardless of their relationship status - married, single, dating, or anywhere in between. You don't need to worry about feeling left out on this day as you may on Valentine's Day, which is more centered around the romantic relationships in your life.  

Celebrating Galentine's Day

How does one celebrate Galentine's Day? Well, you and the amazing women in your life can celebrate by getting together for a:

  • Brunch at your favorite local eatery
  • Trip to a local winery 
  • Movie or game night
  • Afternoon of bowling or night of cosmic bowling 
  • DIY Pottery or Painting Place party 

Or you could host a Galentine's Day celebration at your home. Check out this article from Better Homes & Gardens for some great tips to make it a truly memorable time. 

As you think about how you want your Galentine's Day celebrations to look, remember that at the end of the day, it's more about celebrating the amazing women in your life and less about how you celebrate it. 

Gifting for Galentine's Day 

In Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope gifted the ladies in her life with some unique gifts. Who wouldn't want a bouquet of hand-crocheted flower pens? Perhaps you're not crafty. If that's the case, focus on finding gifts that capture the spirit of your relationships. You can always treat the women in your life with time-honored gifts like chocolate, wine, or flowers. Alternatively, you can be more creative and write handwritten letters about how special they are to you. You could also give them some things they can use for a relaxing spa day at home. In my blog, Staying Relaxed During the Holidays with a Spa Day at Home Checklist, I created a checklist for all your spa day-at-home needs. Gifting for Galentine's Day is about celebrating the women in your life.

A Day for Celebration

Galentine's Day celebrations are an opportunity to show how grateful you are for all of the women in your life. The strong bonds of female friendships are powerful and extraordinary, and they deserve a day all on their own. Show gratitude for the experiences you've shared, the laughter, and even the tears you shed together. Galentine's Day is great to revel in our female friendships and celebrate the heck out of them. So, celebrate you and all the fantastic women in your life!

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