Exfoliating Body Polish

Why Use Body Polish? The Magical Benefits of Exfoliation

Let me ask you this - do you know about all the magical benefits of exfoliation? And if you don’t, that is okay. Most of you would be able to tell me that exfoliation gets rid of dead skin. While you would be right, exfoliation is much more than that. 

Let me ask you a second question - how does one get the benefits of exfoliation? What can help you with that? Well, enter body polish. Before we dive into the magical benefits of exfoliation using body polish, let’s talk about what exactly body polish is.

What is Body Polish? 

Body polish is a product which helps exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and revealing a softer, smoother layer of skin. It is like performing a facial, but on your whole body instead. Body polishes are mainly made out of sugar, hence why they are often called sugar scrubs. With my body polishes, I also add in butters and oils to provide your skin the maximum benefit.  To provide that maximum benefit for your skin, I have chosen to use shea butter, sweet almond oil and rice bran oil. 

Why oils and butters? 

Shea butter is super moisturizing and helps create a protective layer for your skin. Both sweet almond oil and rice bran oils are fast absorbing into your skin. They are not heavier oils like olive oil and will give your skin that silky feeling without feeling greasy. 

These butters and oils work extremely well together in my body polish. They are a dynamic duo. The sweet almond and rice bran oils penetrate your skin to help moisturize it and the shea butter creates a protective layer on your skin to lock in its natural moisture. When you exfoliate your skin with body polish, you are exposing new skin when you remove the dead skin. This reveals freshly revitalized skin, which is why it is key to have oils and butters in your product to help penetrate the skin and protect it. 

Some of my body polishes contain extra exfoliants such as ground coffee, ground walnut shells and ground rolled oats. These give your exfoliation experience a boost and if you are somebody whose skin can tend to be more dry, this may be just what you are looking for. 

Body Polish vs Body Scrub

You may think that body polish and body scrubs are the same and while they are similar, they are not the same. As I explained above, body polish is an exfoliant, just like a body scrub is, but body polish also moisturizes. Body scrubs are for exfoliation and cleansing of the skin. 

My exfoliating body polish is more than a body scrub. It is actually an emulsified scrub. I use an emulsifier that allows it to be stable and maintain its form and structure so it does not melt and not be temperature sensitive.

Emulsifiers are also very moisturizing for your skin. Along with the butters and oils, my body polish takes it to the next level so you can see the true magic of exfoliation. 


Body polish sugar scrub


The Magical Benefits of Exfoliation

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells around once a month. When you exfoliate your skin, you help speed up that process by removing dead skin more often. Sometimes your skin doesn’t fully shed all the dead skin and can leave behind dull and flaky skin. This is why it is crucial to add in exfoliation into your skin care routine. 

But, the magic behind the benefits of exfoliation extend way beyond just removing dead skin. Doing that unlocks all the other benefits you may not know about. First, by exfoliating dead skin, you will improve your skin’s texture by helping unclog pores and promoting cell regeneration.  Removing dead skin prompts the skin to replace it, making way for more radiant and smooth skin. Using my body polish will definitely help you attain that radiant and smooth skin due to the oils and butters I have added in. Exfoliated skin is more hydrated skin and more hydrated skin is healthier skin. 

Exfoliating also helps increase circulation by promoting better blood flow to the skin surface. When you engage in a circular motion of exfoliation, you are in effect stimulating blood flow. Improved blood circulation helps with skin elasticity and shows off your newly radiant and glowing skin. 


benefits of exfoliation


How Do You Use Body Polish to Unlock the Magical Benefits of Exfoliation? 

It is recommended to exfoliate two to three times a week to help your body speed up in removing dead skin. To use my body polish, I recommend to:

  • Cleanse and wet skin first. 
  • Apply to cleansed and wet skin by scooping a small amount onto your fingertips and rub in circular motions until polish has dissolved.
  • Pay particular attention to more sensitive areas where skin can be more dry such as elbows, knees and heels.
  • Rinse off and pat dry. Avoid rubbing
  • Moisturize. 

A good tip is to use body polish a couple days after you shave to help remove dead skin and make it easier for hair to come through, which means you’ll be less likely to get ingrown hairs. 

The magical benefits of exfoliation are more than just shedding that unwanted dead skin. It is about helping your skin be as healthy as it can be. Body polish will take your exfoliation experience to another level. With my body polishes, you get more than just a scrub, your skin gets to shed the old skin and moisturize the newly revitalized skin leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth. I highly encourage you, if you aren’t exfoliating, to add it into your skin care routine. I have created some amazing and unique exfoliating body polishes and would love you to check them out. Your skin will thank you!
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