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6 Simple Tricks to Create a Spa Experience at Home

Who doesn't love a good spa day? But let's be real. Life gets busy so, a spa day is not a weekly or even monthly occurrence for most of us. That doesn't mean that you can't carve out some time for yourself and bring the spa experience to your home. 

Since we all can use some much needed “me time”, try to make a habit of doing this once a week (don’t worry.. you only need 30-60 minutes) to help unwind and recharge your battery. Because if you’re all stressed out, then your family has to deal with one cranky mama/papa.

Here's some simple things you can do to help unwind and recharge after a long week:

  • Tell your family that you need some uninterrupted time
  • Grab your favorite spa inspired soap - I released this line because I know we could all use impromptu spa moments. You shouldn't have to secure a sitter or clear your calendar to relax. If you haven’t already grabbed one, what are you waiting for? One of these soaps is sure to add to your at home spa experience.

Serendipity Artisan Soap


  • Burn a candle - there's nothing better than the soft ambiance and aromatic scent of your favorite candle. Don't have a favorite candle? Then check out Blue Spruce Candle Co and grab their spa gift set so you can try a few.

Blue Spruce Spa Gift Set  


  • Fill your bathtub with bubble bath/bath salts - whether you enjoy a good bubble bath or bath salts, the key is to use a product that will nourish and soften your skin

Serendipity Bath Truffles - Coming Soon

  • Soothing music or favorite book – doesn’t matter which one you choose, just pick whichever one will get you into a relaxed state of mind
  • Bring a beverage- a calming tea, savory wine or fruity cocktail is a must have for the full spa experience

The key is to turn everyone and everything off just for a little while. And remember, every time you think about putting it off for another day, just remind yourself that you deserve this!  

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