About Us

Welcome to Serendipity!

My name is Wilma. I'm the founder and owner of Serendipity Bath & Body. Serendipity for me is so much more than the business I ultimately decided to launch. In order to give you insight into our company, how we came about and what our goal is, I would like to give you a look into the creation and birth of what eventually became one of the greatest passions of my life.  

My journey started out when I accidentally stumbled across this bubbly young lady on YouTube who made soap making look so fun and easy. After watching her entire soap making series, I spent countless hours watching videos, reading blogs, e-books & articles all about it. One day I finally stirred up the courage to order my own cold process soap making kit and the rest is history. I absolutely LOVED making soap. It was fun and peaceful and everything else that can put a smile on your heart and face. There was a part of me that soap making revealed which I never knew existed and I embraced it with open arms!

It wasn’t until I researched the science behind soap making that I realized how beneficial this new passion of mine could be. I could make products that wouldn't strip my family's dry sensitive skin. I thought to myself "WOW.. I could actually pick all the ingredients in my bath & body products" and so I started down the path of creating my own recipes. After much trial and error I found my sweet spot and wanted to share my joy with everyone and so began the idea which would become Serendipity Bath & Body.


            (n.) Finding something beautiful without looking for it.

Fast forward to today, where I am trying to provide luxurious bath & body products that help nourish your skin. We use 5 skin loving oils and 2 nourishing butters in every bar of soap. Each jar of our body butter has 3 natural butters & 4 hydrating oils. I believe that our skin deserves every one of those ingredients and I hope you do too.