Handmade Body Butter

Unlocking the Benefits of Body Butter from the Ingredients Within

The key to unlocking the benefits of body butter are contained within the butter itself, in its ingredients. A lot of us are continually searching for what seems like the elusive solution to dry and sometimes cracked skin. We want our skin to be silky and smooth, but how do we obtain that silky and smooth skin? That answer starts with what you are putting on your skin to help get it silky and smooth. What are you putting on your skin? Creams? Lotions? Body butter? They all can help your skin in different ways, but if you want that elusive silky and smooth skin, look no further than body butter. 


What is body butter? 

Body butter is a unique mixture of different butters and oils and other select ingredients that is thicker in nature to help alleviate dry and cracked skin. The foundation of my handmade body butters are butters, three to be exact. They are kokum butter, shea butter and mango butter. These three butters combine to help you unlock the benefits of body butter. 

Kokum Butter. The main butter I use is kokum butter. You may be unfamiliar with this less common butter, but you will want to become more familiar with it. Kokum butter is oil which comes from the seeds of the kokum tree. It has been traditionally used for wound healing and skin inflammation. It may have a naturally harder texture but it softens easily on the skin, which is why it is a powerful moisturizer. It is not heavy or greasy on your skin and won’t clog your pores. 

Shea Butter.  Next up is shea butter. Shea butter has many benefits. One of those is its natural sun protection properties with an estimated SPF of 3 or 4. However, be sure to incorporate it in with your regular sunscreen routine and not on its own. Shea butter also has amazing moisturizing properties due to its fatty acid content, which helps it absorb into your skin and create a barrier so your skin can lock in moisture and not dry out.  

Mango Butter. Last, but not least is mango butter. Mango butter is more of a exotic butter and just like the other two butters it is great at moisturizing. In addition, mango butter is very rich in Vitamin E which has been found to lessen wrinkles and the signs of aging. Mango butter is also an extra emollient, which makes your skin softer by working with the shea butter to create that barrier so your skin can be silky and smooth. 


Cocoa Butter


As I said earlier, body butters are a combination of butters and oil. Along with kokum, shea and mango butter, the oils in my handmade body butters are sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. These oils work in tandem with the butters so you receive the maximum benefits of body butter on your skin. 


Body Butter vs. Body Lotion

What is the difference between body butter and body lotion? The main difference is the thickness. Butters are typically thicker in consistency, while lotions are not. Lotion will absorb into your skin more quickly than body butters. The thickness of body butters helps them form a protective layer and prevent your own natural water from leaving your skin. 

Don’t get me wrong, lotions have their place. For those with more oily prone skin, they may want to avoid body butters and use body lotion. 


The Benefits of Body Butter

The reason I gravitated toward making my handmade body butter versus a body lotion are the benefits of body butter. The benefits of body butter are directly related to the butters and oils they are made up of. These butters and oils are the key to its thick and creamy texture and to the way it moisturizes your skin. 

Humans are made up of about 60% water and we try to retain that by staying hydrated. But keeping your body hydrated doesn’t just mean drinking water, it also means keeping your skin hydrated.  Body butter helps your skin form a protective layer and lock in your natural moisture so it stays hydrated. 

Besides the amazing moisturizing it provides your skin, the benefits of body butter also extend to helping with skin ailments, like sunburns, eczema and rashes. It is also said to help with the signs of aging by lessening wrinkles and fine lines. 


handmade body butter


Unlock the Benefits of Body Butter 

To unlock the benefits of body butter, the optimal time to use body butter is after your shower. Be sure to pat your skin dry, not rubbed dry. After, simply scoop a small amount of my nourishing handmade body butter into your hands and massage into your skin. Be sure to show some extra attention to dry or rough areas like elbows, knees and feet.

I would love for you to see for yourself all the amazing benefits of body butter, in particular my handmade body butters, which I promise will nourish your skin. The combination of the butters and oils I’ve selected will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. My handmade body butters are a luxurious blend of all-natural ingredients, handcrafted in small batches just for you. Your skin deserves to be pampered! 

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