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Self Care for Busy Moms: Why it is Super Important to Do

Self care for busy moms sounds like just another thing to check off the never ending “To Do” list, doesn’t it? As busy moms, we are constantly going from one thing to the next, picking up, cleaning and trying to keep all our ducks in a row. So, when do busy moms have time to do self care and why should they? Below, I’ll share some benefits of why self care for busy moms is super important to do and provide a few tips to get you started. 

Benefits of Self Care for Busy Moms 

Self care for busy moms is super important. Why? It may not seem like you have time for self care, but we often forget that you can’t pour from an empty cup. It is most likely that life is not going to slow down anytime soon; especially for us moms. Trying to make everyone else happy and forgetting to do so for ourselves can do more harm than good. At the end of the day, practicing self care allows you to be the best version of you for you and your family. 

Self care has numerous benefits. Also practicing self care is not selfish. For busy moms, it is about taking care of you so you can take care of those around you. When you incorporate self care, it can improve both your physical and mental health. 

Self Care for Your Physical Health 

Self care is not just about relaxing days at the spa. It is also about taking care of your physical body. If you take a peek on the internet, you will see there is a ton of research out there extolling the benefits of self care for your physical health. As busy moms, we are on the go a lot. If you have younger kids, you’re probably busy chasing them around, carrying them around, and hauling car seats and other baby gear. This can be physically taxing to the body. 

Self care for busy moms and your physical health is:  

  • Exercise. If you are not currently an exercise buff or maybe you’ve put it on the back burner, start with just 30 minutes a day. Start slow and build up. Before you know it, you’ll be finding your groove and working up a sweat. 
  • Well Balanced Diet and Hydration. Eat a well and balanced diet. This will look different for everyone depending on any dietary restrictions. When you fuel your body with good food, you ultimately feel better. If you are not sure where to start, there are a lot of resources online. Here is one I found that goes over the basics.

Balanced Diet: What Is It and How to Achieve It (healthline.com)

    Balanced Diet: What is it and how to achieve it article image
    Also, drink plenty of water. There are numerous health benefits to staying hydrated. 
    • Sleep. The optimal number of hours of sleep a night varies from person to person. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest trial and error and keep a log to track the hours slept and how you felt the next day. Once you find your sweet spot, try to stick to it. Also, try to limit your exposure to blue light before going to bed. 

    Self care for Your Mental Health 

    I did say above that self care is not just about relaxing days at the spa and while that is true, the idea behind spa days is to help you unwind and recharge. But, self care for your mental health can be far more encompassing than a 90 minute hot stone massage.

    Self care for busy moms and your mental health is: 

    • A Relaxing Activity. Maybe you do book that 90 minute stone massage, but what else can you do? Try centering yourself through prayer or meditation. If you’re new to mediation, there are a lot of apps you can download on your phone for newbies or search in YouTube for 5 minute meditations. 
      • Connection. Reach out to friends and family members who can lift you up and support you when you need it. Also, stay connected to those you can call upon to go have some fun when you just need to let loose a little.
      • Boundaries. Someone once told me and I’ll never forget it, no is a complete sentence. As busy moms, our schedules are already jam packed, and one more thing might be just what sends it crashing down. You do not have to say yes to every invite. Journal what your priorities are when it comes to your family to help determine what you spend time on and who you spend time with. 
      • Gratitude. Write down or journal every day what you are grateful for. Start with 5-10 and expand on there. And nothing you are grateful for is too simple. Sometimes, when I’m stressed and nothing seems to be going my way, just being grateful for electricity and indoor plumbing make the top of the list. Incorporating gratitude can help your mind relax and focus on the joys in life, not the stress. 

      Getting Started: Start Small 

      Are you ready to dive in with your self care? It’s not really a place to “go big or go home.” Doing so could make you feel overwhelmed and cause you to see self care as something you really don’t have time for and things could go downhill fast. Start with small steps for your self care. Start by adding just one thing a week. 

      Here are some ways to start with your self care:

      • Walk it out. They say walking just 30 minutes a day can help with your mood and increase your energy.
      • Crank Up the Music! Feeling stressed and in a funk. Turn on the music and dance. Not sure what music would work, just ask Alexa :) to play dance music and dance like no one is watching. You will be AMAZED at the shift you feel. 
      • Soak it all in. Take a long relaxing bath or a long shower with a shower steamer. I would love for you to check out my selection of shower steamers here: 
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        • Schedule time with friends and have fun. Try a new restaurant. Check out the new action movie. Hit up the bowling lanes. Or go to your local amusement park with or without the kids. Have fun and laugh.
        • Sit outside on your patio and get lost in a good book. 

          I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. The dishes and laundry can wait. Leave the house messy and go have some fun. 

          Self care for busy moms doesn’t have to be scary and isn’t just something you add to your set of chores. It is something that will help you feel better physically and mentally and serve you even after you’ve done the thing. I would like to remind you that even though you are busy with all the things, and more so during summer, take a few minutes for yourself. Keep your cup full so you can pour for what you love to do and for those around you. 

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